Pradeep's Space Newsletter #26

MOM plays hide-n-seek, sometimes

Edgar Kaiser is an amateur ham radio operator (according to his Twitter profile) who has been monitoring radio signals from India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) and sharing them via Twitter.

He raised an alarm on June 21 when there was no signal received from MOM since June 2, 2021.

This led to a chain conversation about this topic among a few Indian tweeps (Twitter people). While these discussions were on, Times of India journalist Chethan Kumar shared an update from ISRO:

ISRO does not provide updates on the status of any spacecraft. Hence, we rely on amateur satellite watchers and radio frequency observers to get some of these updates. They perform yeoman’s service to space watchers like me in this regard.

This saga, though, ended with good news from Edgar himself. He shared a detection of signal once again from MOM signalling that it was well and alive.

Welcome back, indeed, MOM.

Space Reads

  • Listen to the NewSpace India podcast episode with Nitish from Astrogate Labs. It’s lovely to see Indian companies working in areas where ISRO doesn’t. Also, it’s lovely to meet someone who sees beauty in communications satellites where most are fascinated by beautiful pictures from Earth observation satellites.

  • I enjoyed reading a power-packed version of Jatan Mehta’s Moon Monday issue #32. His tweet summarizes it best:

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